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В треугольнике ABC угол - B тупой, AD - биссектриса треугольника! Докажите что AD > AB

Алгебра, Ответ!

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какой из природно -хозяйственных регионов имеет сходное с европейским югом

Помогите с тестом! это текстA lot of young people around the world watch television. But are they watching the same programmes? Paula is Canadian. She watches TV for about 3 hours a day. Satellite TV has really cool quiz shows and it shows the funniest comedy programmes. Satellite TV is better than cable TV. She also thinks the internet is fin. Sne sends email to her friends about their favourite soaps.Mamodou lives in Mali. A few years ago television in his African country was terrible, but now it better. They have two channels. The first channel snows news and documentaries. Mamadou thinks the second channel is more interesting-there are sports programmes and old films. He watches sports programmes for about five hours a week, but he prefers playing footbal with his friends. He doesn like sitting at home too much.Keiko is Japanese.Last year she could watch TV a lot, but now she goes to a secondary school and she has a lot of homework. She also plays basketball in the school team. She thinks that the best programmes for young people are Manga cartoons.In fact most Manga fans are older than her,because there are Manga cartoons for all ages. They are fantastic! She can watch TV when her homework is ready.Yolanda lives in Spain.She watches TV for two hours a day. When she gets home, she does her homework, then she plays computer games or watches TV. She thinks soaps are great.She never watches reality shows like Big Brother-they are the most boring programmes. They often talk about their favourite TV programmes at school.Продолжение......6) Keiko doesn t often watch TV this year because she......a) hates cartoons B) started going to a secondary school c) has a lot of homework to do n) plays sports at school7) ........ watches TV the mosta) Paula B) Keiko c) Mamadou n) Yolanta8) A: I m sorry, Kate isn t at home now.Б: .......a) Can I a message?B) Can I amessage?C) Can you take amessage?n) Do you get a message?9) .... сейчас напишу

Для великого двигуна на 2години роботи потрібно 8 л. пального, а для меншого - на 3 л менше. Скількі літрів пального потрібно для меншого двигуна на 9 годин роботи?

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  1. Дима пошёл домой дрочить. Что ты, дурак, равняешь страстотерпцев великих и развратных жопошников.

  2. Вихрова просто дрожала от нетерпения, то брала в руки характеристику, то снова клала перед. Настроение медленно ползло вниз, как снежный наст с карниза в период оттепели.

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