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РЕШИТЕ УРАВНЕНИЕ:(15/28-x)+19/28=25/2847/54-(x-5/54)=29/54/ - черта дроби.

Математика, Ответ!

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Надо написать 5 пословиц про дружбу на белорусском

Исполнитель Вычислитель умеет выполнять только две команды : УМНОЖИТЬ НА 2 , ПРИБАВИТЬ 1Составьте для Вычислителя наибалее короткую программу получения из числа 1 чисел 5 , 50 и 99 .

Помогите пожалуйся, нужно описание реки Миссисипи)

які пташки мають родичів серед риб

Помогите пож-та очень прошу (хотябы 2-ое задание )Задание №1Раскройте скобки таким образом, чтобы предложения выражали: а) реальное условие1. If I (to know), I (to tell) you. 2. If she (to want) to talk she (to ring up). 3. Her health (to improve) if she (to sleep) longer. 4. If he (to have) enough money, he (to buy) a large house. 5. She (to feel) lonely if Peter ( to go) out every evening. 6. We (to be) pleased to see you if you (to arrive). 7. If we (to can) come on Sunday, we (to come). 8. I (to understand) Mr. Smith if he (to speak) slowly. 9. We (not / to go) by ship unless there (to be) no other way. 10 If you (not / to give) him good meals, he (not / to be able) to work hard.Задание №2Замените предложения нереального условия в настоящем времени на предложения нереального условия в прошедшем времени. 1. If she tired, she could be better. 2. He would do more work if he were able. 3. I should live better if I earned more money. 4. If I knew the answer, I should tell you. 5. He wouldnt come unless you invited him. 6. We shouldnt remember it if it werent so strange. 7. If I had time, I would help you. 8. Peter would come if you wanted him to. 10. If you wrote more often, you would receive more letters. 11. They would prefer to keep it if they could. 12. I would buy it by myself if I had money. 13. If they offered it to me for nothing, I wouldnt take it. 14. I should break a promise if I answered your question. 15. If you swore to keep a secret, I would tell you.

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